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Welcome to Lansing Wiki!

A website about Lansing, MI that you can edit

LansingWiki is a volunteer-based effort to document the assets, people, places, art, culture, and history of Lansing, MI. USA Anybody can freely edit LansingWiki, although pages may be administered for content and accuracy.


Current Area of Focus Jan - June of 2013: Greater Lansing Local Businesses, Local Food Systems, Parks Systems, and Cultural History

Local Businesses

Using the Local Business tag, we'll profile as many local businesses as we can.

Local Food Systems

The Lansing Area is rich in Local Foods, from Farmer's Markets, to Restaurants, regional seasonal Farms, local food products, local food infrastructure, and more. We are in the process of first documenting, mapping and categorizing basic information about every local food participant we can find in the Greater Lansing Area, plus expanding on information about the business or person when needed. The main tag for these pages is Local Foods, with specific tags for the neighborhood, township, types of business, etc. 


Lansing Parks

Lansing also has one of the largest public park systems of any city relative to city size. We are documenting the existing parks, plus any history we can gather about the location prior to, and after becoming a park. 


Local history and culture

The Lansing area is rich in local music, manufacturing, and other cultural histories. The effort to gather these histories is ongoing. Right now, some of us are focused on histories of local music, and manufacturing. Everyone is welcome to share any history about Lansing at any time.



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